Matthew Oliver Wilson was a product designer before turning his attention toward apparel and fashion. Witnessing first-hand the unethical manufacture of products designed and developed specifically for obsolescence, he quickly recognised the inherent dangers of this attitude towards consumerism. A move to Berlin, Germany in 2009 allowed him to explore different career opportunities in the creative industries.
A happy chance occurred when he discovered Raw Denim. Fascinated by the narrative contained in each garment, this newfound passion led him into a journey of discovery through the fashion and clothing industry. The qualities he found in a great pair of jeans he soon found in other goods and services. 
In 2012, Matt became involved in Denimhunters, a blog that was the go-to site for all things quality in denim. Fuelled by his passion he quickly rose to Assistant Editor and Chief and then a full partner with Thomas Bojer. Denimhunters grew to become a fully fledged online magazine and a resource for both consumers and industry professionals alike.
In 2015, the Selvedge Run concept was introduced to the Berlin fashion scene. Uniquely, perhaps, this was a trade show for brands with a philosophy that aligned perfectly with his principles of craft and quality. Matt was heavily involved with the show from the outset and it was here that he first had the opportunity to work with his future Rope Dye partner, Daniel Werner. 
The work with Selvedge Run and Denimhunters complemented each other, but the industry was changing. In 2017, Denimhunters was at a crossroads.  There was a need to expand and rethink the basic concept and turn the focus outward, away from only denim. Rope Dye was born. An online men’s lifestyle magazine about the passion for well-crafted menswear as well as other cherished products that baulk against today’s throw-away culture.
He left the Selvedge Run at this time to concentrate fully on Rope Dye and now, after two years, it is time for the next step. Rope Dye begins a new chapter. These are exciting times.
Daniel Padilla Werner is one of the most recognised faces in the urban fashion scene.
As the Retail Manager for the Bread and Butter GmbH, Daniel was instrumental in the development, management, curation and execution of the world famous menswear Mecca, 14oz. As a high-end retail concept, 14oz. brought craft and quality related brands to the forefront of the fashion scene in Europe. As a complement to the retail business, he influenced the portfolio and fostered relationships with the brands that occupied the L.O.C.K area of the now legendary fashion trade show, Bread and Butter.
Throughout his 6 years at 14oz and Bread and Butter, Daniel became an authority on the quality and craft segments of the fashion industry. Logically, he then moved on in 2015 to develop a more focused, more curated, Berlin-based trade show, the Selvedge Run. 
With the Selvedge Run doing great business, the opportunity presented itself to challenge one of the pillars of German retail. The KaDeWe group asked Daniel to develop and integrate a concept that would redefine their world famous luxury department store. This concept catered to an audience that was, until then, long-since disconnected from department stores; young, forward-thinking, brand- savvy, luxury-smart and lucrative customers. In parallel, Daniel was also ask to bring to bear his experience in leading the buying for the Urban & Denim departments. 
Now, with almost two decades in the business, it is time to apply all the experience, extensive network and the skillset, and to follow his longtime ambition; gather like-minded friends to drive forward a company that will define, nurture and support that area of the fashion industry he has lived for the past 20 years.
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